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Our School

Victory Learning Center is a Home School program that offers you a non-traditional way to work from the comfort of your home, at your own pace and time.  We are delighted to offer our students the opportunity to receive the chance of a lifetime to change their lives through the Power of Education.

Our students go through an education evaluation before being enrolled in our program.  Parental counseling, approval and involvement is required on an individual basis depending on the student’s age and background


Each students’ skills are evaluated and personalized tutoring assistance is available.


Upon completion from our Independent Study Program our students are referred through different local institutions ,as well as, community colleges to pursue the opportunity to increase their education.

Mission & Vision

To provide a foundation that empowers our students to fulfill their dreams and achieve a better future for themselves and their families. Success starts with a person and a decision to change their life. All you need is belief in yourself, determination, and faith to see it through.

As of today, we have helped a variety of students and we currently work with local schools and institutions to offer education and information to our students through individual information sessions or career fairs.

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